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Panasonic KX-TDE100BX

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Panasonic KX-TDE100BX


The KX-TDE series Pure IP PBXs are advanced corporate communication systems providing IP telephony features and functionalities over both local and broadband IP networks. They are an ideal communication platform to help customers solve all their business telephony needs today as well as in the future as they embrace full IP telephony.

> Initial system accepts up to 64 IP-proprietary telephones and 32 IP-trunks with the optional DSP card

> SIP phones accept up to 128 standard

> 2 Built-in LAN ports

> Support the new IP-PT KX-NT300 Series

> Full support of KX-TDA features

> Upgradeable to KX-TDE by changing the main card (IPCMPR) in the KX-TDA

> Multi-site programming

> Server Connection

- DHCP client for KX-TDE

- SNMP Agent / Alarm

- SNTP client

> Built-in simplified voice message

> Enhanced walking extension (Hot desking)

> SDK is available



New product  IP PBX Panasonic KX-TDE100-200-600
รหัสสินค้า รายละเอียด   ราคา
TDE100 TDE600    
KX-TDE100BX Main Unit,  2 port / 1 hour Unified Messaging, With DISA  
KX-TDE200BX Main Unit,  2 port / 1 hour Unified Messaging, With DISA  
KX-TDE600BX Main Unit,  2 port / 1 hour Unified Messaging, With DISA  
KX-TDA600BX Main Unit 10 Free Slots  
KX-TDA620BX TDE 620 Expansion Cabinet (BUS cards required)  
KX-TDA6110X BUS-M Bus connection card for TDE620 cabinet 1  
KX-TDA6111X BUS-ME - Bus connection card for TDA620 cabinet 2 or 3  
KX-TDA6175X EMSLC16 - 16 port SLT extn card with Message Lamp  
KX-TDA6178X ECSLC24 - 24 port SLT extn card with CLID  
KX-TDA6381E TDA6381ELCOT16 - 16 port Analogue trunk card  
KX-TDA6382E LCOT16 - 16 port Analogue trunk card with CLID  
KX-TDA6174 16 port SLT card for TDE600  
KX-TDA6166X EECHO16 - 16ch Echo Cancellation card  
KX-TDA6920X Enhanced Software SD Card - TDA600  
KX-TDA0103X PSU-L Large Power supply - 512 power units  
KX-TDA0104X PSU-M Medium Power supply - 128 power units  
KX-TDA0108X PSU-S Small Power supply - 64 power units  
KX-TDA0168X EXT-CID - 8 port ext caller ID card  
KX-TDA0170X DHLC8 - 8 port Hybrid extension card  
KX-TDA0171X DLC8 - 8 port Digital extension card  
KX-TDA0172X DLC16 - 16 port Digital extension card  
KX-TDA0173X SLC8 - 8 port SLT extension card  
KX-TDA0174X CSLC16 - 16 port SLT card  
KX-TDA0175X MSLC16 - 16 port SLT card with Message Lamp  
KX-TDA0177X CSLC16 - 16 port SLT card with CLID  
KX-TDA0180E LCOT8 - 8 port Analogue trunk card  
KX-TDA0181E LCOT16 - 16 port Analogue trunk card  
KX-TDA0184X E&M8 - 8 port E&M card  
KX-TDA0188CE E1 card  
KX-TDA0193X CID8 - 8 port Caller ID card  
KX-TDA0190X TDA0191  OPB3 - Option card  
KX-TDA0191X TDS0919 MSG4 - 4ch Message card  
KX-TDA0192X ESVM2 - 2ch Enhanced Message card  
KX-TDA0194X ESVM4 - 4ch Enhanced Message card  
KX-TDA0161X DPH4 - 4 port Doorphone/opener card  
KX-TDA0166X ECHO16 - 16ch Echo Cancellation  
KX-TDA0196X RMT - Analogue Remote Access card  
KX-TDA0284CE BRI4 - 8ch ISDN2 card  
KX-TDA0288CE BRI8 - 16ch ISDN2 card  
KX-TDA0290CE TDA0290 PRI30 - ISDN30 card  
KX-TDA0300X UPMC Multi-Site Licence  
KX-TDA0350X PC Phone  
KX-TDA0470X IPEXT16 - 16ch IP Extension card  
KX-TDA0484X IPGW4E - 4ch IP Trunk card  
KX-TDA0490X IPGW16 - 16ch IP Trunk card  
KX-TDE0105X MEC - Memory Expansion Card  
KX-TDA0144CE CSIF8 - 8 port Cell Station card  
KX-TDA0151CE 2ch DECT Cell Station DPT interface  
KX-TDA0152CE 3ch DECT Cell Station DPT interface  
KX-TDA6201X Floor Mounting Kit TDE 600  
KX-TDA0920X Enhanced Software SD Card - TDA100/200  

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